What People Say About My Educational Therapy Services

Sherman Oaks - May 7, 2018


Mr. Goldstone worked with our son, who is on the autism spectrum and is now 8, for two years for three hours a week. During that time, he helped our son move forward with his reading and socialization, and became a part of our family. As parents, we were lucky enough to observe several sessions and witnessed the variety of techniques Mr. Goldstone used to motivate and teach our son. He incorporated visual and auditory aid, frequently changing them to meet our son’s various needs. The most impressive thing about Mr. Goldstone is how much he kept the lines of communication open. He regularly updated our family with our son’s progress as well as his struggles, both scholastically and emotionally. Additionally, he kept the school teacher in the loop and actively sought their recommendations as to what would best help our son. He was not embarrassed to ask for their help and always put our son’s needs first. Through everything he did, it was clear that Mr. Goldstone cared about our son and entire family. We cannot give enough thanks or praise for all he has done.

West Los Angeles - May 7, 2018

Suzi F.

Warren has become an valuable part of our son's success team. The transition to Middle school from a gifted Elementary was not without it's struggles. Our son is both intellectually gifted and has ADHD with anxiety. Usually referred to as 2E. It was challenging to have different teachers, classrooms, syllabus and notebooks. Then homework was done with hours of struggling and then never handed in to the teacher. It was frustrating, to say the least. I was doing research to try and find a tutor that would take over the homework battle and found Warren here on https://www.n2n.la. We had an informal meet and greet at our home. Warren has such a kind heart and gentle vibe that we decided to go for a trial run. Well, here we are 6 months later and our son will graduate Grade 6 with A's and B's and he just received Student of the Month. Warren is the tantrum whisperer, he is gentle yet firm. He will help with school homework and in addition, challenges our son with his own lessons. My son can be very disrespectful at times, yet with Warren there is a beautiful Grandfather vibe which warrants respect. We are very happy with Warren and will continue to use his services throughout middle and possibly into High School.

Los Angeles - March 12, 2018

Esther Hess, Ph.D. Executive Director, Center for the Developing Mind

Warren Goldstone is a very thoughtful, devoted and creative educational therapist. He has worked for several years at Center for the Developing Mind, teaching children with a variety of developmental and regulatory disorders such as ASD, ADHD and LD how to learn and navigate academic obstacles that interfere with optimal development. I recommend him without hesitation.

Eastside - November 9, 2016


Warren has helped my 7th-grade daughter tremendously in the few months they have been working together. In the first session Warren shared some of his own struggles with school so my daughter immediately felt that he was someone who really understood what it felt like to fall behind. Warren has helped my daughter improve her reading comprehension and grammar skills, as well as organizational and study techniques. Warren is not only a kind and patient man, but he is also a skilled and instinctive educator who has a knack for getting to the source of a child's learning block. Warren creates a solid plan of action to get your child back to where they need, or want to be. He makes a point to include children in decision-making regarding what they hope to gain from the sessions.

Beverlywood - November 9, 2015

Joanne H.

I have a 17-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl who worked with Mr. Goldstone for five months last year - our first time using an ed therapist. Mr. Goldstone is that rare creature that goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. I’ve seen him scour the universe to get the right material to work with my kids - he’s very particular about the texts and workbooks that he uses, based on years of experience working with kids. Some of those materials are older, but he feels they are better. He can truly relate to the kids because he himself experienced many of the same issues that they go through when struggling with, say, math or English. He feels their pain, so to speak, and relates to them really nicely, boosting their confidence whenever possible. I’ve seen the proverbial “lightbulb” go on over my kids heads several times under his guidance. He’s also very friendly, flexible with his schedule. Ed therapy, I’ve learned, isn’t just a top-down, teacher-student relationship. It includes trial and error to see what works for the individual child. If I don’t think something is particularly effective, I speak up (because often my kids won’t), and that has helped influence the direction that the work goes, and keeps everyone on the same page. Mr. Goldstone comes to our home, saving all of us (kids and parents) a lot of time, which we very much appreciate!

Hancock Park - November 9, 2015

Laura C.

Warren tutored my son in his last year of high school a couple of years ago. My son had trouble with focus, organization and getting homework done. They worked on English and math but they did both. We had used several other tutors before, but none of them for very long. Warren had a son a couple of years older than mine, so he was very sensitive to what my son was going through and had great advice. He was a calming influence and pleasant to be around. My son went a couple of times a week and saw the value in working with Warren, which was not the case with other people we saw over the years. My son probably would not have made it through that year (including graduation!) without Warren.

Brentwood - November 6, 2015

Helen S.

I was extremely happy with Warren. My son was having a lot of issues in school, so I sent him to Warren. They worked together for two years, and now my son is in one of the best colleges out there. I really really liked Warren and have referred him to many of my friends. Warren had great patience with the students and knew exactly what needed to be done. I felt he really understood my son and while the school told me there were many problems, Warren shared his belief and confidence in my son’s abilities. I enjoyed every minute of it. My son always told me that he was really thankful for Warren. What else could I ask for?!

Brentwood - November 5, 2015

Barbara Hacker

I met Warren 20 years ago when he was working for the County with at risk and emotionally disturbed children in Juvenile Hall. He loved the teaching challenge and was quite adept in his field. In as much as Warren had a Master’s Degree and was already trained in Special Education, he was a perfect candidate to become a Professional member of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) upon his retirement from the County. I had a private practice as an Educational Therapist for many years and was quite excited that Warren also became a member of the AET. A few years ago, when I retired, I referred some of my students to Warren knowing that they would be in good hands. These families then referred their friends and relatives to Warren. Warren is a skilled teacher in all of the basic academic areas on an elementary and secondary level; he teaches Executive Function skills to children who lack organizational skills; and he thinks outside the box to reach children with variant learning styles. Warren is also trained to work with children with auditory and visual perceptual disorders which impact their classroom learning. He is well-rounded in his personal interests, and children are able to relate to him as well as trust him.