Educational Tutoring

Tutoring Services in Los Angeles, CA

If your child struggles with academic subject or with school in general; if your adult child has started community college and is floundering, you should consider educational tutoring to help. A focused tutorial effort is a great way to give your child the additional tools he/she needs to reach his/her potential.

Warren Goldstone of Superior Tutorial & Educational Therapy Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, specializes in helping children and adults, especially those with learning disabilities, receive the focused attention and instruction they need to improve the ability to learn.

Tutoring Services

I want to see your child (K-12) succeed, so when you come to Superior Tutorial & Educational Therapy, you can be sure that he/she will receive experienced and focused attention to help your family to decide upon its next step.

My tutoring service is individualized for each student to ensure that he/she receives the help he/she needs. If your child struggles with a learning disability, you know just how important individualized help can be.

I am experienced in all the social studies, English, Math, the executive functioning skills, as well as subjects which are outside my normal range where I will use my own study skills and the assigned text to demonstrate the learning. I offer services for all ages, K-14, so no matter the age or the subject, your child will be able to get the structured learning needed.

Experienced Help

I am trained (a Master’s Degree in Reading and Learning Problems from CSUN) and practiced (with over 35 years with public and private students) helping those with learning disabilities succeed. I have the skills and techniques necessary to help struggling students learn. I have tutored and helped students for years and have learned all the best ways to teach.

If you want specialized and expert help for your child, with or without learning disabilities, Superior Tutorial & Educational Therapy Inc. is the right choice.

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