Helping Students Perform Better in School

Warren S. Goldstone, MA, Educational Therapist (ET/P©)

While the learning process can be frustrating for a struggling student, a solid education is worth the effort. As an educational therapist operating Superior Tutorial & Educational Therapy Inc., I make a positive difference for children, adolescents and adults who are home schooled, attend public and private schools in Los Angeles or are trying to begin college and struggling to improve their basic skills and achieve their true potential as effective learners

Services I Provide

When conversations about school quickly become arguments ending in slammed doors, you know you have to find a better way. If your bright child is frustrated by repeated failures at school, and you are confused because she spends countless hours with her textbooks, you know you can’t give up. Now, when she even refuses to try, you have to be proactive. I bring to the table the patience, experience and professional knowledge of the learning process that can make a difference. I also provide special education services accommodating the needs of students with learning disabilities and moderate autism.

Educational Therapy and Tutoring Services

  • Reading Improvement
  • Math Improvement to include Algebra
  • All Levels of English and Social Studies

I Combine Educational and Therapeutic Approaches For:

  • Evaluation
  • Remediation
  • Case Management
  • Communication Advocacy

Mission Statement

My goal is to empower children, adolescents, and adults with learning challenges.

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If you are interested in my educational therapy and tutoring services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call me today.