Educational Therapy

Education Therapy Services in Los Angeles, CA

Superior Tutorials & Educational Therapy Inc. offers individualized instruction and tutoring strategies to help students develop important skills and become effective lifelong learners. My approach generally involves creating workarounds that support their weaknesses while enhancing their personal strengths.

Educational Therapist Services

The immediate objective of educational therapy is to help students become more proficient in basic skills: reading, writing, math and executive functioning. My long-term goal is to teach learners self-monitoring skills and self-control so that they can build a track record of responsibility and accomplishment, and learn how to be more independent.

What I Offer

  • Conduct an educational evaluation
  • Provide academic reconstruction of reading, writing, basic math and algebra
  • Provide cognitive rehabilitation, relaxation, and biofeedback
  • Provide direct instruction combined with task analysis
  • Provide corrective executive functioning instruction
  • Provide tutoring in all subjects, including English as a second language
  • Facilitate parents in the use of Total Focus© and Total Transformation©
  • Liaison with the child's school
  • Daily oral summary of the session

About the Process

Educational therapy is hyper-focused individualized instruction coupled with tutoring strategies that are aimed directly at developing a child’s strengths and creating work-arounds to support weaknesses. As we progress through the program, there will be spurts of growth as well as stumbling blocks. I will adjust the academic content to account for these changes to increase the child’s chances for success as we continually redesign a highly individualized approach to remediation.

Initial Evaluation

To review a student’s educational status, I perform a formal evaluation using the Kaufman Test of Educational Assessment II© (KTEA-II©) (NCS Pierson, Inc.) and other measures I find useful, including an informal interview. Afterward, I write an improvement plan that specifically addresses the student’s needs.

These tests take about three hours to administer and another three to four hours to evaluate with a written report. Customarily, I charge for each hour I spend testing a student and only for two of the three to four hours I spend evaluating and writing the report.

Responsive Learning Program

Throughout the process, I will be reinforcing successful responses and encouraging self-correction. I will create high yet reasonable grade-level or age-appropriate expectations for the student.

Rewarding Responsibility and Discouraging Poor Behavior

I will be working in partnership with the parents to employ consequences that depend upon student progress and growth. Logical consequences provide appropriate rewards for fulfilling school-related responsibilities. When behavior is a major issue, I will introduce parents to Total Focus © and Total Transformation ©, two successful at-home behavior modification programs.

Nurturing Executive Functioning Skills

Because students often associate daily schedules as things that keep them from having fun, they are often unable to see how using one can be beneficial to them. Executive function skills frequently revolve around issues of:

  • Neglecting time and failing to complete tasks
  • Not setting aside time to complete an assignment
  • Not making sure the completed assignment is placed in a binder so it can be carried to school
  • Not seeing that the teacher is handed the assignment

What challenged students don’t understand is that organizing, planning, and prioritizing all contribute toward giving them more free time. I help them see that doing these tasks can give them the freedom to do the things they want.

A student receiving education therapy in Los Angeles, CA

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