Case Studies

Learn How Educational Therapy Works Through My Case Studies

Case Study #1: Eric

It’s Thursday evening and students are preparing for their Friday tests. Eric has two upcoming exams: history and math. Even though he has known about them since last Monday, he didn’t start studying until tonight. Eric feels he needs to be “in the mood” to study. That means he’s always under the gun because he waited until the last night to start studying. Some of us do our best work under pressure, but Eric hasn’t learned

Case Study #2: Katrina

Katrina seems to spend hours and hours studying every night. She does well on her daily homework, but can’t seem to earn a grade above a C-on any test she takes. Katrina and her parents are sure that she’s smarter than this. It’s not unusual for her mom or dad to walk into her bedroom after midnight and find Katrina under the covers with a flashlight

Case Study #3: Matt

Matt never really got the hang of reading. His phonics skills have always been marginal. In the first grade, he discovered the strength of his auditory and verbal skills and found that he could memorize

Case Study #4: Jeanine

Jeanine has just begun the ninth grade and is taking Algebra for the second time. She’s always been well-behaved and compliant in class, but she is still as confused as ever about the math and has given up. She doesn’t even bother to bring her book home